About Us

Our Mission

We at Cherished-Memories.org believe everyone has had an impact in this world and these stories should be shared.

Our mission is to create a platform of interactive micro-biographies, which will empower friends, families and communities; to share a piece of history with the world.

A micro-biography is a short descriptive account of a person’s life. Similar to biographies, micro-biographies portray a person’s life events and intimate personality.

These micro-biographies are socially interactive and community driven. This adds a unique and more comprehensive account of a person’s life, enabling a broader range of participation from families, friends and wider social circles.

Share knowledge, media and experiences about an individual’s life story.

The micro-biography is in your hands!

Now we understand how personal a micro-biography can be, that’s why we give you the author/owner control over what level of publicity your micro-biography should have. Make your micro-biography password protected, permit/remove comments and uploads and edit the content when you want. The micro-biography is in your hands!

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